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Christopher Lee Plummer was born into a family of artists. He credits both his mother and father for his creativity as well as his resourcefulness in finding inspiration in the seemingly mundane. At Chris’s core is a passion for the elegance of fine arts merged with the conceptual disruption of pop art. He has spent his life studying many art forms and styles as well as gaining experience creating with a variety of mediums, from canvas to metal.

The use of cast pewter countertops as a surface for a counter is both effective and aesthetically pleasing. Easy to clean and maintain, Pewter is also a beautiful material which can accent any kitchen. As it is an antimicrobial metal, it causes less worry in case there is a kitchen mishap. The Artisans at Bastille Metal Works have the uncanny ability to offer pewter, zinc, bronze, & copper countertops in a variety of finished patinas and are also able to provide the widest range of edge treatments in the world. Pewter bartops should not be dismissed as merely a cold, flat, plain surface. It is a living metal that can change it's coloration over time with use. It is for this reason that so many people love having it in their homes as a functional surface that incorporates artistic beauty and modern functionality.After much research and experimentation, Christopher Lee Plummer developed his unique process which provides completely customizable designs and edge profile options in both zinc and pewter. Today, Bastille’s custom tops and furnishings are housed in luxury spaces throughout the world, including France, the country of the style’s origin. Today, Chris Plummer works with world-renowned designers, architects and restauranteurs designing and crafting one of a kind luxury spaces.


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